©Gina Glenn

©Gina Glenn

Who are you?

I’m ZENSOFLY. I’m a songwriter/artist from Raleigh, NC.

What drew you to music?

I was attracted to the freedom. I could make my own world without rules. It also helped me express my feelings. I’m not the best at saying the right things in person so being able to think out my feelings in a song made it easier for me to communicate. 

Do you remember the moment you decided that this was the path for you?

Yeah. The first time I ever performed at a house party. I just did one song for fun and they loved it.They kept asking for more and at that moment it hit me that I could do this frfr. 

Who are/what are your biggest inspirations as a musician?

Tyler the Creator, Steve Lacy, Kanye West and a few more.

If you could collab with three people in the near future, who would they be and why?

Diplo, Kanye West and Disclosure. I feel like anything we would make would be iconic and  timeless.

Talk to me about the first song you’ve ever written.

I was probably around 8 years old. Idk what an 8 year old raps about, but I was just doing it for fun. 

Where does performing bring you?

It’s my favorite place on earth. I love my music so any place I get to share it is special. 

Name 5 songs that always keep you going.

Frank Ocean - Sweet Life

Kanye West - All Falls Down

Phony Ppl- Why iii love the moon 

MGMT- Electric Feel

Rex Orange County- Sunflower 

What are your thoughts about social media and the constant evolution of technology?

I love it. It’s like the Wild Wild West. Almost anything goes. You can be whatever you want and do whatever you want. The evolution of technology is cool. I’m just not with the killer robots.

As a woman, how have your experiences shaped your sound?

I love being a woman, but it can be tough and frustrating. We have to be strong or else that can make us a target for anything so I always like to uplift and empower. I like to make music that makes people feel good and strong so they can go through their day with confidence.

Can you briefly tell us about SUNFLOWERS EP and what's inspired it? How was the process like for you and how did your audience respond to it?

Sunflowers is my second EP and it’s my favorite so far. I let go of tradition and went with what I was feeling at the moment. The diversity of the songs was important to me because I never want to be boxed in. I wanted to show my listeners that they are still getting to know me and I’m still growing.

Overall, what would you like to achieve for this passion of yours?

I want to travel the world and make zillions of dollars doing what I love and then start a new life doing something cool, but I haven’t decided yet.

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