TOGETHER is a series of conversation between women and people who do not identify as female, but who work everyday for women to have equal rights, and representation in society. 

“While this gallery of women evolves with me, I become aware of the importance of others in this movement. We cannot become equal to others if they feel that our quest for equality is exclusive and non intersectional. I want everyone to have a voice on the cause that we are fighting. I decided to start this series of conversations with other feminists, or activists, regarding the spot of female artists in our society.” - Philo Cohen, Founder & Creative Director


Portrait of Mariam Abouzid Souali

From Tetouan to Duchamp : an artist across the ocean. 


Working museums his whole life, Alexandre Colliex has become more and more aware of the gender gap and inequalities of the art world. Colliex wrote to Speciwomen about "the need for a conscious effort to redress that gender bias and allow women artists more exposure and a careful examination of their work".  Colliex then composed a piece for Together that we are pleased to share with our readers: the wonderful portrait of multi-talented Moroccan artist Mariam Abouzid Souali.


Obviously, I am a Feminist

In conversation with Eduardo Lago


Being an allie requires a lot of listening, and understanding. In this conversation, I asked Spanish writer Eduardo Lago to share his definition of feminism. Portrait of a man acknowledging the roots of History, while challenging the future.