A conversation featuring women on top of their shit

On Top involves Founder/Artistic Director Philo Cohen going somewhere elevated and talking with curated artists about something on the topic of one’s creative process, linked to the cultural and political environment they are exposed to.

"I would like to bring femmes artists together, curated by a photographer I admire and myself, into a conversation space. While the photographer would be in charge of the creative aspect of this project, documenting the event through her lens, and taking each women’s portrait, I would profile each of the artist, discussing their creative process, and the way they navigate society, as well as the art world." - Philo Cohen, Founder/Artistic Director


New York City

with Stazi Genicoff, Elizabeth Wirijah, Peaches Harrison and Alyssa McDoom


When photographer Natalie Yang posted that she had some available slots to shoot in NYC, a new project popped up in my mind. I admire the way her lens lands on the subjects she chooses to capture, always strategically playing with light, taming colors. We came together to portray four young NYC based talented artists last June.