©Hlif Olafsdottir

©Hlif Olafsdottir

Tell me about yourself

My name is Andrea and I’m 19 years old, born and based in Reykjavík, Iceland. I have had a passion for photography since I got my first camera phone. I love capturing life in every form; people, animals and landscapes. I shoot mostly on my trusty Olympus om-10 35mm film camera, but I do have a canon 5d mark lll for when I need to go digital. I love my two cats, podcasts on conspiracy theory’s and coffee.

How did you get started in film photography?

I got interested in film photography about two years ago, when my mom found a mint condition 35mm in my grandfathers stuff and gave it to me. He barely used it and thinks it’s nice that I gave it a new life. Once I saw the beautiful feel the film gives the images, I was hooked.

What fascinates you about Iceland and capturing Icelandic nature?

The landscape is just so unique, there is no place on earth quite like it. I love the gloomy summers and white winters. Sometimes in the summer you get the long golden hours, which means more time to shoot! It’s pretty cool to live in a place where I can get to untouched nature in just a few kilometers.

What is the photography scene in Iceland, especially for women? Is Iceland really the best place for women to live? 

It’s a bit hard to get into, like anything it takes time and hard work to get recognized but with Instagram it’s easier to get your work out there, and people can easily get in touch with you. I think Iceland is a good country to live in, but I have always had the itch to travel or try to live in another country.

Are there any female photographers that you admire?

I follow an abundance of female photographers on instagram and look up to them all. I love seeing women living the freelance dream!

What's next for you? any exciting projects?

A few weeks ago I got accepted into the school of photography in Iceland (Ljósmyndaskólinn) and I start this fall! So yeah lots of exiting projects coming up. I’m excited to work with all the amazing teachers there. 

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