©Sendra Uebele

©Sendra Uebele



"I believe in curiosity, appetite, listening, as well as in the consideration of one’s profound desire. Being hungry for construction."

What do you do? 

I am a musician and an actress. I play the harp, sing, and use a lot of machines and pedals that transform, divert, or push the instrument beyond its own boundaries. I write texts, or create situations, that I put music upon. My shows have a very important scenic dimension. I often work with other people from the music industry, but also ones from the circus and theatre milieu.

Have you always known what you wanted to pursue? What were your other passions growing up?

I’ve always known that I wanted to be on stage. My first wish was to sing. I started conservatory very young, and I chose the harp because we had to choose an instrument. When I was 15, I had revelation while watching a video of Pina Bausch’s 1980 at Beaubourg. After that, I decided to focus on theatre, and on scenic art. I lived ten years as an actress, and then I came back to music.

How has art shaped your life?

There are a lot of artists in my family, and that obviously was one of the most influential factor. Art, or the attempt to make it occupies the biggest space possible in my life, today.

Courtesy of Laure Brisa

Courtesy of Laure Brisa

How do you reconcile making a living while making art?

I benefit from the status of entertainment worker, here, in France. That, plus my diverse shows, and collaborations… It is precarious, but I live of my passion. It’s huge!

How do you get over writer’s block, or other stressful times?  

By warming up, working in a technical way, repeating, focusing, working in the moment.

Do you work better under pressure? 

I do not have rules. I sometimes do great work, under pressure, but pressure has also served me badly, when I was lacking maturation. I also do good work when more relaxed, it really depends! There is always a side of mystery in creation.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Life, poetry, other people’s work ethic and accomplishments, silence. Being alone, for a long time. Peculiar events. Everything has the potential of being a source of inspiration.

What is the best advice no one ever gave you, and what advice would you give a young artist today?

It was crucial for me to be pushed towards formation, to learn the craft. However, I know that for other people, that path is nothing but the bad one. I believe in curiosity, appetite, listening, as well as in the consideration of one’s profound desire. Being hungry for construction.