"The most important thing is that I never compromise with my work. I work fast. Spontaneously and impulsively"

©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen

©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen

Tell me about yourself. 

My name is Frederikke and I'm 21 years old. In the last couple of years, I’ve come to realize that I have to work with my hands and intuition, and that resulted in making art with various objects. After high school, I went to Suhrs food academy where i studied Molekylary gastronomics, at something called Nordic Foodlab. When the school year ended, I started collaborating with 2 friends on a catering firm, called Mad Til Venner. Half a year after, I went on a trip with my friend to Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and HongKong for 3 months, to get inspiration and see something completely different. Then I moved to Seattle with my mom for a short period, at that time i decided to apply for the Danish Design School, in the furniture design department. Instead, I started with a sign technician course, where I learned to create signs, typographies, and make identity, and logos. I finished school in January, at the same time I started a clothing brand called GALLOP, where every item is handmade, and every logo has a typography designed by me. This went really well and has become popular. I had to pause the clothing brand, and started at Krabbesholm Folk high school. Now I’ve just been accepted to Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam, where I’m going to spend the next couple of years.

What is your favorite material to work with right now?

I would say photography or film. It has caught my attention these days, I’ve never worked with it that much before, but I like the way I can manipulate so much with how people see the result. I’m also trying to learn how to animate. But if I had to choose a manual craft as material I would work with wood, plastic or clay. 

What is your relationship to art? What does it mean to you? 

To me, it makes sense. I don’t know how I ended up doing art. 

I've learned a lot of different practices in the past years, and through art I can combine all of these different experiences and qualities, creating something that makes sense to me. 

What is your creative process like? 

The most important thing is that I never compromise with my work. I work fast. Spontaneously and impulsively. People don’t have the chance to comment on my process nor to interfere with it, when I work quickly. If I spent months working on a project, people would have the time, and the opportunity to comment upon my process. Their opinion would probably make my opinion different than if I were alone, and then the result would become weaker. I agree that at times it might be an advantage to have people share their opinions, but right now I think I’m in a place where I need to do things for my self only. It’s a weakness, I’ve always used a lot of energy thinking about what other people think. I try, more and more, to use this kind of overthinking positively.

It is also very important to me that I always have the drive to work on the thing that I’m currently doing. If a project becomes tiresome, it will show in the result. 

I’m a perfectionist, and during the last couple of years I found out that it is when I give myself a short time limit, that I like the result the most. My creative process always varies, in function of what I am making. When I make clothes versus when I put together menus or when I do installations for instance versus when I sculpt a sculpture. 

How do you take this process a step further? 

I don’t know about that, if I could answer that question easily, I would do it. 

Well, it would be nicer with a huge studio, where I could store a lot materials, just being able to walk around them, and getting inspired all the time. I would also like to have a kitchen where I could experiment. I consider myself a collector, I always bring too many things home with me when I travel.

What links all your different practices? 

I use my hands in all of them. But I guess that’s it. I don’t know, maybe there is no link. It all started when I was young. My parents are very creative, they taught me that it’s important to stimulate that side of myself for me to be happy. I believe that making a menu, collecting ingredients and making a dish, followed by plating, and serving it in the right circumstances is an art; in the exact same way painting is an art. 

What does creativity mean to you? 

I think the word creative sounds bad in my ear. Thus, here is a Google answer: Being creative means solving a problem in a new way. It means changing your perspective. It means taking risks, and ignoring doubt, facing fears. Breaking the routine, and doing something different for the sake of doing something different.

Are they some personal qualities that benefit to your creative process but are an obstacle in your everyday life? 

Yes, a lot I think. I think everyone has that, I’m very open about it. I have ADHD, it was worse when I was younger,  and caused me a lot of trouble growing up. Now it makes me overproduce thoughts, all the time. When I get one thought I produce around 20 to 40 thoughts about that first thought, in a very short time span. This is of a big help when I make art, I’m always ahead of my own thoughts in a way. They speak together. However, in everyday life, it can make everything complicated, and when i’m in a down period, it’s worse. For example, when something is boring, i cant hide it. But, I guess it’s good to be honest. 

If you were to ask three simple questions to yourself, for us to know a little more about who you are, what would they be? 

My two favorite albums.

Solange - A Seat At The Table

Yg - Still Brazy

These are only two, but there are a lot more. These are probably the ones I listen to the most, and every time I get positively surprised by each song. 

If I had to wear something for a year everyday, it would be…

Probably my Dickies pants, Clarks Wallabees, a loose dress and a hoodie.

I have 6 pairs of Dickies, 4 different Clarks Wallabees for different occasions and the same hoodie in 12 different colors. I think it took me a few years to accept that I feel the most comfortable in menswear. 

My favorite movie.

The Talented Mr Ripley. Watch it! It’s insane.


All video and photo work of the artist are her courtesy.


©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen

©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen