"[Skateboarding] made me a more unique and independent person and taught me not to conform to the typical society."

Full Name: Erin Yamagata

Age: 28

Occupation:  Associate Photo Editor/ Photographer

Social Media: @erinyamagata/


How long have you been skateboarding and what was it that first drew you in?

I’ve been skating since I was about 8 years old. I got into it because my brother started skating and I wanted to do everything he was doing. My dad used to build us ramps, so all the neighborhood kids would be at our house skating all day. When I got to high school I completely stopped then got back into it 2 years ago just for something fun to do.

Fill in the blank… Skateboarding makes me feel: Young and wild and free lol

How has skateboarding impacted your life personally and/or professionally?

Skateboarding has exposed me to a very specific youth culture. I think it made me a more unique and independent person and taught me not to conform to the typical society.

©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh

What trick or skill do you want to learn next?

I’m really trying to get that wall ride down at Fatkid [skatepark].

What advice can you give to young women who want to learn to skate?  Is it possible to learn it later in life?

I would say to just go for it and don’t let anything intimidate you or be afraid to fall or get hurt. I think it is possible to learn later in life, but would be much harder. Skating is a pretty difficult and physical sport so the older you get and the more life responsibilities you have, the higher the consequences become if you get injured. That fear factor really starts coming into play.

Ten years from now, do you think you’ll still be skateboarding?

I’ll probably still be rolling around. Maybe not roaming around all day at different skateparks, but it may also depend on how hard my midlife crisis hits haha.

©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh