©Ruby Rose

©Ruby Rose



"I’ve been living in Paris my whole life, but I am Italian, from Milan."

Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been living in Paris my whole life, but I am Italian, from Milan. I just turned eighteen, I live with my parents. I’m going to school at the Sorbonne Paris 3 in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. I’m studying Cultural Mediation which basically teaches me how to organise a cultural project as an exhibit, a catwalk, a concert or any other art event.

How did you first get into fashion? 

It has been more or less 3 years that I’m really into fashion. I started to create a few skirts and dresses with my cousin and I immediately fell in love with clothing design. It brought me a certain satisfaction, some confidence. The more I created the more I felt the need to. It was meant to be. I started to watched a lot of fashion documentaries as FASHION or Notebook on City and Clothes on Yohji Yamamoto and others big ones. But I built my fashion culture mostly with books and newspapers. Anytime there is a new exhibit or a new collection, I’m running there. 

What is the purpose of your work? 

When I create, I’m not thinking about communicating any special message, I’m just doing it. I’m creating pieces that I love and that I would see myself wearing. 

Who inspires you?

I’m a big fan of Japanese creators. Yohji Yamamoto, Comme Des Garçons, Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake. For the European ones, I would say Martin Margiela, Céline, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Christophe Lemaire and Ann Demeuleumester.

What is your dream job? 

Communication. Exchange. I know I’m not a designer, I’m an event organizer. Fashion to me it’s an exchange between the body of the model and the eye of the customer. I create some clothes, and sometimes I have some orders, for my friends or others but I don’t plan on becoming a fashion designer. I help my boyfriend in his brand AfterHomeworkParis, I thrill when there is a catwalk to organise, some models to cast, a playlist to be built, makeup artists to look for or book pictures to be taken. I would say that my dream job could be a mix of designer assistant, fashion journalist and event organizer. After, as of today, if you’re looking for a saleswoman I’m still a student and I need a job :-) !

What are your favorite places in Paris or around the world? 

In Paris, I love the top of the Marais, my boyfriend lives near there and it’s full of cute stores, cool galeries, good cafes, and fun restaurants. Outside of my city, I love Milan and Rome so much. I went to New York when I was a kid, I dream about going back.

How is being a woman influencing your work?  

I can’t tell if it’s a pro or a con to be a woman in fashion. Women’s fashion is definitely way larger than men’s and I feel like some designers create only some women collection because it’s easier, and that the woman is the most inspiring sex, or something like that. After being a woman certainly influences my job and my daily life. When I create, I imagine all shapes and fabrics on me and then I picture the final result.