"Making art gives me a high. It brings me to a place of peace."


©Lauren Davis

©Lauren Davis

What are you doing currently?

Answering this interview from my bed, listening to music.

What got you into photography?

I have always tried to express myself through art, and this medium felt the most comfortable. It matches my personality. I can't sit still. I like to be moving a lot, this helped me make time for photography. 

What do you photograph?

I photograph staged portraits of mostly my friends, and other people I am close to. I like to photograph people acting as characters, representing ideas, feelings, memories etc.

What messages are you hoping to convey through your photography?

I am hoping to be able to connect with viewers. To convey anxiety, sadness, loneliness, excitement, and have people have a look at my experience, and thoughts on growing up.

What is your set up? 

I usually find locations that inspire me. A place that feels nostalgic, something that reminds me of a moment thats been passed by. Shooting with my Olympus Om2, I usually go through three rolls of film. It's usually a pretty short photo shoot, and usually all with friends, so it's casual and fun.

Where does your art bring you? 

Making art gives me a high. It brings me to a place of peace. 

What are your favorite places in New York City ?

I have a few favorite spots I like to frequent.

-Dashwood Books

-Sunshine cinemas

-Eddies Sweet Shop

-Printed Matter

-Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Who inspires you and your photography?

Jim Morrison...But seriously.

How is being a woman shaping you?

I love owning my femininity, and adding a little irony to it. Its inspiring to me to work against social norms. I feel being a woman has shaped me into somewhat of a sensitive being, but I also feel it is different for everyone.


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