Double Feature: Working Gals


I wanted to visually highlight the working spaces of women of color. The creative process is sometimes as intimate and private as one's own identity. The women I highlighted adapt their identity into their work and vice versa. “Working Gals” is an ongoing series, picking  small moments of one's creative process in order to encompass a larger idea of what it means to create through the lens of one's own identity. Through my camera, I can highlight these moments for all of these women without manipulating the calm, creative moments.

Bailey Pace

Bailey is a Brooklyn-based painter. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Her paintings focus on identity, specifically the idea of blackness. That topic is molded in Bailey's hands and and translated through her paintings. These can be seen as meditations on her own insecurities about being black.

Taylah Peacock

Taylah is a Brooklyn-based mixed-media artist and illustrator. She is originally from Ithaca, New York and currently lives in Bedstuy. Her work is portable, using an iPad for her illustrations, and features items such as nuts and fruit. This allows her work to be adaptable and grow with the world around her.

This piece is part of Speciwomen's cross partnership with Adolescent Content.