"It's always fun to conquer all your fears and keep trying to progress."


©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh

Full Name:  Christie Dejesu

Age: 26

Occupation:  Personal trainer/Skateboarder

Instagram: @prettiestmess_


How did you get into skateboarding and how long have you been doing it for?  

I got into it right after high school when I was 18. I’m 26 now. It’s been 8 years. I met a bunch of cool guys at the park that offered to teach me how and were really inspiring people.

Fill in the blank… Skateboarding makes me feel  high on life.

How has skateboarding impacted your life? (e.g. personally and/or professionally)

It’s a way for me to relieve stress in my life. I like the freedom of skateboarding and the ability to skate where ever I want to. It's always fun to conquer all your fears and keep trying to progress.

How do you cope with injuries? Do you think being a personal trainer helps your skateboarding?  

Yes, I’ve taken classes in injury rehabilitation and it helps a lot knowing how to prevent injuries and heal them on your own.

What sort of attitudes do you think male skaters have towards the female skateboarders these days? Is the community more welcoming in some places more than others?

For the most part yes, they encourage other females and want to see their progress. Only a few immature ones who will laugh at girls for trying and think they are better.

What advice can you give to other females that want to learn to skate?  

Just do it and dont worry about what other guys think!

©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh

©Lanna Apisukh