©Melissa Nelson

©Melissa Nelson

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and founder of Limone Creative and sometimes actor living in New York City.

What drew you to music? 

When I was younger, I would sing around the house and put on shows and recitals for my family. It wasn’t until I began taking singing lessons at 12 when I realized how much I loved it.

Do you remember the moment you decided that this was the path for you?

In 8th grade, I went to a festival that was super popular at the time called Bamboozle. I saw a girl with fire red hair performing for 50 people. It was Hayley Williams of Paramore. That day I went home and begged my mom to take me to the store to buy their CD. I wanted to be just like her, fronting a band and just rocking out on stage. That’s why my music career began and I fronted an all-male alternative rock band at 15.

Who are/what are your biggest inspirations as a musician?

My inspirations are always changing as I grow as an artist but some are Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, The National, Feist, Mitski... the list goes on. As far as the “what”, poetry and really great prose inspire me. Raymond Carver and Murakami move me in a different way that music does.

If you could colab with three people in the near future, who would they be and why?

So so so many people. I want to write a song with Mitski. She’s absolutely killing it right now. I love the authenticity in her lyrics. Would also love to write with Ryan Adams.

Talk to me about the first song you’ve ever written.

Ha! It was called “Obvious.” I wrote it in the 7th grade and recorded it with my friend. He’s had a recording studio in his house when we were 14. We used to record a bunch of Paramore covers there but the first one I ever wrote was a collaboration with him. He wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics. Sometimes friends from high school will randomly text me saying they’re listening to it. I must say, it was pretty damn catchy.

Where does performing bring you?

It’s a love-hate relationship. I hype myself up so much about it, but when I get there it’s where I feel the most me and the most vulnerable. I think I get so nervous about it because I’m a perfectionist but I’ve learned that it’s important to make mistakes. And music isn’t supposed to be perfect. 

©Melissa Nelson

©Melissa Nelson

Name 5 songs that always keep you going.

Talk - Vodi

Gimme Something Good - Ryan Adams

Drunk Walk Home - Mitski

I Wish I Didn’t Miss you - Feist

My Kind Of Woman - Mac De Marco

and so many more.

What are your thoughts about social media and the constant evolution of technology? 

I think it’s amazing and a great way for artists to get their music out into the world. I currently run my own business called Limone Creative. We specialize in social media marketing, brand management and creative direction.

As a woman, how have your experiences shaped your sound?

Being a woman has shaped me in a bunch of different ways. From relationships to experiencing life in New York City as an 18 year, until now. I’ve been subjected to a lot. A lot of heartbreak, a lot of feeling insecure, and a lot of feeling lost. I think being a woman made me want to pursue music even more since it’s always been such a male dominated industry. There’s a lot of women really putting amazing art out there and I respect that.


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