"The female creature is complex, and beautiful in a thousand different ways. I feel strongly connected to all my fellow females."

©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen

©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen

Tell me about yourself.

I’m incapable of living without licorice, Danish strawberries, red wine, and unfortunately menthol cigarets. I grew up in the countryside among my three precious siblings, our family dog, and lots of chickens, and cows. I would never change that for anything in the world, if.I could. My father, is a 54 year old plumber. He is my lifelong role model and inspiration source. I do love my mother as well. I spent the past three years traveling around Australia, The Philippines, Japan and India, besides being at Krabbesholm Art school. Next on the list is exploring as much of Europe as I can, in a old car, with my unreasonably handsome boyfriend during summer. 

I’m 22 years old, and wears underwear that should be worn by a 82 year old, my face is quite symmetrical, and to me a bit boring. I am quite Scandinavian looking. I like my hands, they are strong and have small freckles exactly like my mother’s and grandmother’s. I cry very easily, but I don’t see it as a sign of weakness. I find my self very lucky, and truly appreciate the beauty of life. 

What is your relationship to art? What does it mean to you?

Art is important to me, in the way that I find art extremely helpful in situations where emotions or thoughts are difficult to either explain through words, or just put in order in my head. Art in its original form is fluid in the same way I perceive the word. To me almost everything can be art, you just have to decide it to be. Have reasons for why you think that way. Thus, art is a space of freedom, where you can express your opinions and thoughts. 

Courtesy of Anne Holm

Courtesy of Anne Holm

How did your interest in writing come about?

I’m actually not sure how, when nor where my interest in writing came to me. I find words beautiful, and have always appreciated language, and dialogues. Words are indispensable in a world like ours. I think that communication becomes art when we use words and language in the right way. That might be why I keep returning to the media of writing, because I am so deeply fascinated by what text, and words can do for us.

How involved are your personal experiences in your text?

My personal experiences do play a big part in my literary universe. I find myself going back to themes involving puberty, and being a teenager. When I was a teenager, I did not understand the change I mentally, and physically was going through. It made me insecure and sensitive, but at the same time I also remember that I was curious about those thoughts during this long period of time. These are some of the thoughts, and feelings I use and try to understand when I focus my texts on it.

All of the photos of Anne's work are her courtesy.

©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen

©Louise Le Meur Rasmussen

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My biggest source of inspiration is from the things I know well, and the people I know well. Experiences that I have grown through. I’m often told that I speculate too much, but when i use my own thoughts, and experiments in my writing, I find that the text I end up with is more reliable and honest, which in my opinion is more interesting. 

You also work with other media, such as sculpture or graphic design. What links those to your practice of writing?

I’m not sure if there is a clear connection in my work besides curiosity. When I work with sculptures or installations, it often starts with an urge to work with a specific material I find interesting. It's in the process of working with a medium, or a text that the idea comes true to the finished work. I try to work with an open, and playful mind, that allows my ideas to run freely, until I have decided where I want to go. 

Does being a woman take a big place in your work and creative process? 

Being a woman, has a great impact on my writing, more than it will ever have on my sculptures, ceramics, videos, photography, installations etc. I’m proud to be a woman, and happy to be one. The female creature is complex and beautiful in a thousand different ways. I feel strongly connected to all my fellow females. As mentioned, I often focus my literature on my own experiences, and on the physical and mental changes that an individual undergoes throughout their lives. Thus, since I am a woman, it's both easy, and instructive to place my mind in those type of emotions. VIVA LA WOMEN.