SPECIWOMEN is a community of young women artists interviewing, and portraying each other. Our goal is to put forward the work of others that deserve a better representation than the one given to them in the art world. We bring together women, and other people who believe in what we are doing, and want to be part of it to create a safe space of expression and display for femme artists and their work.

Philo Cohen started Speciwomen in 2015, aiming to build an intersectional community dominated by equality and respect.

If you are interested in becoming part of our magazine, or have a project that popped up in your mind after reading these few lines, email us. We are based in New York City but conduct projects and interviews all over the world.


"EVERYONE IS WELCOME, WE WILL FIND A PROJECT" - Philo Cohen, Founder/Artistic Director at Speciwomen

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